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Choosing the best platform between wix and wordpress.


Jan 21, 2023
wix and wordpress.

If you’re looking for website building software, you’ve probably heard of Wix and WordPress. Indeed, these two giants monopolize this sector and cater to all types of businesses. But if these two tools are as powerful as each other, there is always one that will be better suited to your sector of activity. How to choose then?

Utilisation facility

Wix allows you to create your website quickly with very flexible designs . However, it is not very advisable for a very voluminous site integrating different functions. WordPress is more suitable in this case. However, it requires a lot more technical skills . That’s why it’s mainly aimed at coders and nerds. Moreover, WordPress has different plugins and extensions.

If you want to create a website with this tool, you must have a minimum of knowledge in web hosting . If we consider the ease of use, Wix wins the round, because it is only based on “drag and drop” and does not require any specific knowledge. It is a website editor that is mainly suitable for beginners.

Wix or wordpress: what about natural referencing?

SEO referencing is an important point in the creation of websites. Indeed, for a site to be visible, it must be well positioned in the results of search engines like Google on the basis of keywords. In this area, the Wix website editor is one of the most successful. The only drawback is probably the fact that it is impossible to name the images from the creation tool.

Wix therefore names these images itself with names that are difficult to remember, which risks disfavoring the referencing of image sites. For WordPress, you have some basic options, but to have full SEO functionality, installing a plugin like Google Analytics and Yoast SEO is advised. Learn more about Wix or WordPress.

Site design and creative flexibility

Wix is ​​a software allowing to create a website easily, without requiring the help of a graphic designer. You have many elegant templates divided into several categories according to your sector of activity (blog, restaurant, shop, etc.). However, these models do not benefit from responsive design. However, it is possible to modify the HTML code if you know something about it.

Otherwise, it is better to choose the WordPress software directly. It offers you customizable templates if you have knowledge of CSS and HTML. So you can create your own site. You will also find paid formulas but with responsive templates. Basically, if you want to take on the creation of a web page and you have the capabilities to do so, choose WordPress. Otherwise, Wix is ​​still a more intuitive authoring solution with some great features.

Which tool to create an online store?

Wix is ​​a good solution for creating an e-commerce site. You have several choices for selling your products. On the other hand, the web builder is more suitable for a small business and therefore a mini website, since the shipping options are rather limited.

On the other hand, by choosing to build a site with WordPress, you do not risk this kind of problem. That said, it is advisable to install a plugin like WooCommerce or PrestaShop. This will give you a better overview of everything you can do with the online store.

In short, creating a website on Wix is ​​child’s play. It is suitable for a type of website that is not very complex. As for WordPress, it offers more complete solutions for your web project but sometimes requires the skills of real developers

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