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How to develop your influencer marketing strategy on Instagram?


Jan 21, 2023
strategy on Instagram

On social networks such as Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, “influencers” promote a tea, a watch or a cream. An influencer creates a community of followers who take pleasure in accompanying him in his daily life and interacting with him. Whether they are micro-influencers or mega-influencers with more than 500,000 followers, they place brand names in their content on the networks, make recommendations to their followers and thus encourage them to buy the products they use. This is influencer marketing .

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Influencer marketing is a marketing sector that has grown strongly in recent years. This type of marketing aims to benefit from the recommendation potential of influencers to reach a specific target group and potential customers.

Why and how to collaborate with influencers?

With over 1.3 billion monthly active users in 2021 , over 500,000 influencers and over 25 million brands , Instagram has become the most important platform for businesses to gain visibility on the Internet.

To increase your number of followers and boost your sales thanks to Instagram, we have prepared a special free Instagram checklist for you. 👇

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Are you still unsure whether it would be useful for your online store to cooperate with an influencer? To help you, we present the benefits of influencer marketing at a glance.

In 2016, the company Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS) carried out a study on the effectiveness of influence marketing. The results showed that influencer content leads to a purchase decision much more frequently than, for example, traditional display advertising.

In general, having a strong and effective Instagram marketing strategy in place can increase your sales, brand awareness, and boost your website traffic.

It is wrong to think that only big brands with a big budget for the most famous influencers can successfully promote their products on Instagram. It is precisely advantageous for small online shops that are still little known to be recommended by influencers.

How to choose the right Instagram influencer for your brand?

If the advantage of using influence marketing is well established, the question remains how to choose the right influencer. How not to make a mistake and choose an influencer who will not compromise your brand image?

For a return on investment, it is not necessary to only set up partnerships with the most visible personalities on social networks , because many users and potential customers trust nano and micro-influencers (between 5 000 and 100,000 followers)! Thanks to the established relationship of trust, many Internet users are sure that these Instagrammers are not only interested in money, but want to make serious and personal recommendations for their community.

The secrets of brands that are a hit on Instagram

Big, fast-growing brands like Daniel Wellington , iDeal of Sweden or NA-KD , keep the same secret: an effective social media strategy – including a massive presence on Instagram .

To understand how these brands were able to achieve such a high level of notoriety over the past few years, we reveal their marketing strategy using the example of Swedish fashion company NA-KD .

1 Choose and diversify your influencers

🗝️ The key to their success? They collaborate closely with the most famous influencers and celebrities around the world (on the Internet), but also with micro-influencers.

The brand works with influencers like Anja Louise Phénix (41,000 followers), Chloé Bleinc (902,000 followers), Mathilde Goehler (1.2 million followers), Pamela Reif (8.5 million followers), for n cite just a few. This is also the reason why the Swedish company is forced not only to follow but also to anticipate current fashion trends.

2 A targeted and quality content strategy

On Instagram, NA-KD has 3.2 million followers. But on her Instagram account, you won’t just find photos of models and influencers wearing the brand’s clothes. In addition to images that highlight the brand’s products, you’ll find photos at the beach, adorable baby animals and bouquets of flowers.

NA-KD’s range is aimed at women of Generations Y and Z. Young internet users like this combination of “real” life photos and more publicity photos of influencers promoting the new collection. In this way, NA-KD inspires confidence in its community of followers and puts all the chances aside to win them over as potential customers.

3 Coupon Codes

In addition to its own original content on Instagram, the Swedish company is attracting customers with numerous influencer promo codes . Thanks to these discount codes (between 10% and 50%) offered by an influencer, many followers feel directly concerned and are encouraged to buy and benefit from the “exceptional” offer. This not only wins new customers, but also increases online buying power.

The advantage with these promo codes is that it will be easy for you to analyze which influencers convert the best and therefore correspond the most to your target audience. This is a good way to decide which influencer you will pursue your partnership with.

Thanks to Instagram’s ” swipe up ” function , available for all accounts with more than 10,000 followers, it is easily possible for influencers to integrate a link directly into their Instagram stories or Reels . Like this, followers can access the online store website with just a touch of a finger. – This greatly increases their sales and traffic to their site!

4 Interactions, challenges and contests

What’s more, the brand regularly interacts with its followers, for example by answering questions and organizing contests and games .

The website actively promotes its Instagram account. As part of its new campaign , subscribers can post a photo with the brand’s clothing, accessories or shoes. They must then tag their Instagram account with the hashtag #beNAKD. The scope of the marketing message is then enormously increased. “In exchange”, NA-KD offers free outfits each week to 10 followers and publishes the winning photos.

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