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Revature Talks About How to Land a Job as a Software Engineer Without Experience


Apr 24, 2023
Software Engineer

Landing a job as a software engineer at a good company can be a huge struggle for college graduates and even for working professionals if they do not have adequate industry experience. Most companies give preference to candidates with specific experience over inexperienced ones as it becomes easier for the recruiters to assume that an experienced person will be well-versed in the industry workflow. Hence, it would be a prudent move for people to seek assistance from companies like Revature to get a good job as a software engineer, even if they don’t have any experience as such.

Revature provides valuable insights into getting a job as a software engineer without experience

Work experience of all types, such as internship, full-time job and more, does matter when it comes to landing a job as a software engineer. However, things like consistency, hard work, and appropriate skill set are also imperative. There are many people who get hired as a software engineer without having professional experience by constantly trying to update their skills and working on innovative projects.

No matter the work experience one has, most companies expect candidates to showcase their skills during the recruitment process. If they have a solid portfolio of projects built by them, one can get a preference over others for the job. Therefore working on and developing innovative projects becomes vital for any aspiring software engineers. They should try to implement all the knowledge they have gained in these projects, including programming languages, algorithms, databases, and more. Doing so will not only validate their programming skills, but also provide a boost to their confidence level.

Taking part in coding competitions and challenges is another good way to make the portfolio impressive, while getting a chance to gain exposure to computer programming and analyze programming skills. There is even a chance that the participation and rankings of a person in these programming contests can land them the job of a software engineer in a good company. Today a number of coding challenges platforms are available where one can take part in distinctive contests on a regular basis. Some of these platforms even award candidates with badges and certifications that can be shown to the interview panel.

Joining the programs offered by technology talent development companies like Revature would be another great way to effectively land a job as a software engineer. This company hires recent U.S. college graduates, trains them in high demand software skills, and deploys them to work on information technology projects for its corporate and government clients. Unlike coding “boot camps” and most other forms of information technology training, this does not charge any money from the candidates but rather pays them a salary during their training and project work.

Last but not least, people should try to reach out to industry professionals to get a worthwhile opportunity in the software engineering domain. They can directly email the company’s officials, connect with them on social media platforms, network at workshops, and so on.

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