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The profession of freelance web editor


Jan 21, 2023
web editor

A freelance Web writer is a person who writes textual content, by registering on a writing platform. Thus, he exercises his activity on an independent basis by carrying out editorial assignments. In general, the profession of copywriter requires certain language skills and a good command of writing. To meet the needs of companies and increase their notoriety, web editors must write content adapted to their editorial strategy.

What exactly is a freelance web editor?

A priori, it is difficult to give an exact definition of the job of web editor . However, it is useful in order to master the concept. So, a freelance web writer is a person who is responsible for writing articles, blogs, etc. for websites. Working independently (freelance), he is required to meet the requirements of clients as well as of his editorial director.

How to become a freelance web editor?

From the moment you have decided to start on your own as a seo web editor , you are required to write content on websites, in order to optimize their visibility. In addition, the editor must refer to the SEO technique , so that the referencing of the site can appear in the first positions of the search engines. So, to become a web writer , you need to demonstrate these abilities, while also being curious. Similarly, proofreading and rewriting are essential in writing content.

Skills required to become a freelance web writer

Above all, a good freelance writer must know how to master certain linguistic skills . In writing textual content, he must respect specific codes, such as inserting links and striking images, creating striking titles, writing correctly and without spelling mistakes. In addition, text content must be specific and of high quality to attract Internet users.

The qualities required of a freelance writer

In any case, a freelance web editor must have a good command of the French language. In addition, to become a good web editor, you must have:

The missions of the freelance web editor

In general, a web editor can perform several types of assignments . Indeed, the director of the platform or the company may need an editor capable of animating a blog  or optimizing a text . In addition, a writer may also be responsible for promoting written articles on social networks or validating relevant content with managers. This is why a freelance writer should not only focus on writing a text. In other words, it is essential that the copywriter masters the functioning of social networks, so that he can handle SEO and blogging tools well.

Web editor training

Generally speaking, it is entirely possible to become a freelance web writer, even without any special training . However, the person must have at least completed higher education , in order to be able to develop writing skills.

What can be the outlets of the web editor?

A web editor can very well write content on behalf of an SEO or communication company with a website. Even being a freelancer, he can still work for a writing agency.

How much does a freelance web writer earn?

Generally, a web writer is paid based on the number of words he writes. Thus, a freelance writer can earn around 60 euros for a text of 1,500 words, for example.

Who are the clients of a freelance web editor?

The clients of a freelance web editor are very diverse. However, their best customers are:

Organizing your working time

In principle, a freelance web editor works according to the ”  deadlines  ” proposed by the editorial director of the platform. Thus, he is free to organize his time, provided that he completes and delivers his texts on time. However, the editor is also free to process several texts at the same time and work 7 days a week , even on public holidays, if he wants to earn more.

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