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Why use a digital business incubator?


Jan 21, 2023
digital business

When you decide to start a business, you have an idea and you want to start and develop it, many challenges arise and not only directly related to this activity. Indeed, creating a business requires dealing with multiple subjects that are of different orders: marketing, communication, accounting, pricing policy, insurance of all kinds, network of contacts to succeed in going more directly towards its objectives, etc. If we add to this the administrative and banking structure of the entity to be created, this adds to an already busy list. In parallel with all this, and even as a priority, there is therefore the very purpose of its activity: concentrating on its core business is obviously essential for the quality of the services that one wishes to monetize.

Serenity and performance: when the incubator fully adapts to the entrepreneur

Among business incubators, there are some that are more agile, more flexible, where priority is given to reinvented proximity and where the business can be carried out without constraint of geographical location. This is the major benefit of a strong digitization of the service. This is what the  company incubator E-Couveuz’ offers .

Everything from an incubator and even more: the advantages beyond the bare minimum

Yes, any self-respecting business incubator will offer to set up the conditions that will allow the idea of ​​the entrepreneur to be tested, without having to register first. This means that all the necessary tools are deployed in the service of the business creation project: accounting, professional liability insurance and SIRETare endorsed by the incubator. The idea is to be able to give free rein to your project and to be able to start invoicing your services without having to mobilize yourself everything that the incubator makes available. The E-Couveuz’ offers all this and even more by allowing you to do it remotely, without constraint or obligation to physically travel to go to specific premises or offices. The personalized monitoring and coaching of each business project is carried out remotely. From the point of view of building the knowledge and expertise necessary for a new life as an entrepreneur, all the resources, all the materials and all the training are available directly online:

The professional network: the link most expected by project leaders

What your 100% digitized incubator offers you is access to the people who will be best able to support you, advise you, support you in your steps and your actions to grow and grow your business. This is arguably the most important value you will find within the Business Incubator. It is she who, associated with monitoring and coaching, will bring you the motivation to set your milestones, determine your plan and achieve your goals. Consolidating ideas, nurturing ambitions, ensuring the sustainability of an activity launch are all elements that require connecting the men and women who undertake. Digital now makes it possible to do this, without waiting, without constraint and by minimizing its impact in terms of CO2 emissions.

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