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The main features of a good online invoicing software


Jan 21, 2023
online invoicing software

As young start-ups or small businesses, there is a solution to save you the billing steps. This is billing software. They have different functionalities and specific options to facilitate your business management. We invite you to discover them.

The basic features for a good online invoicing software

The complete edition of an invoice

For freelancers , the invoicing process can be time-consuming. Invoicing software helps save time by taking care of all the steps. In general, it allows you to create , edit and automate the sending of documents. A good online invoicing software such as jlogiciels.fr also takes care of the following operations:

The invoicing software offers you an invoice template with the mandatory information . This will allow you to bill for your services with ease . Some software may be associated with your accounting software. In addition to speeding up the creation of quotes and invoices, it facilitates accounting entries .

Data analysis

In addition to creating invoices and quotes, the invoicing program is a real dashboard. This software offers the possibility of monitoring customer receipts. It helps to visualize the progress of your cash flow as well as your turnover . The dashboards make it possible to establish a comparison between the amount invoiced and that received . Good software does the margin calculation. This virtual tool can export accounting journals. For a self-employed person, it is a way to centralize commercial documents . If you have an accountant, the software does not replace his work, but avoids errors.

Customer management

In e-commerce, customer management is essential for the proper functioning of your business. Customer data is consolidated in your billing software to save time . Each customer has an account to provide you with a history of their activity in your company. This is a contact management that strengthens the relationship with him. This customer account also includes the invoices you have sent. This makes it possible to note the VAT rates and tariff conditions. Good software has an integrated CRM . It ensures the export of data in PDF, Excel or other format. Dematerialization _guarantees a reduction in costs related to invoicing.

The recovery system

The invoicing management tool is also used to follow up on unpaid invoices . The software has a schedule on customer payment deadlines . The system verifies the payments after the due date has passed. It sends you a notification of the unpaid. This allows you to send reminders. Some software provides automatic reminders . You write a basic letter to send in case of late payment . When the time comes, the software takes care of the sending. You can verify payments directly to your bank accounts. Therefore, it is important that your invoicing software has a bank reconciliation. Another notification is sent to the collection of invoices.

The advantages of the perfect invoicing software

Security should be at the center of your invoicing software. It is about compliance with basic regulations when invoicing. Good online software is certified . It must comply with the anti-fraud law. This ensures that the accounting documents comply with the legislation. Another little extra concerns the mobile application . It allows you to access your dashboard at any time. Whether you are on vacation or on a business trip, you will have the opportunity to consult your software. You have access to it on tablet or on your smartphone. The electronic signature option is also an asset. It optimizes your productivity by avoiding waiting time and round trips.

Online software customization

To ensure you find a good invoicing software, the ideal is to opt for customization . Whatever your sector of activity, the software adapts to your needs. For small businesses , this is the best solution to ensure productivity. For artisans and traders , you can choose the features . The bespoke invoicing software can be modified to create your own personal space. In addition to the basic invoice templates, you can edit columns and tables. It is possible to create software that adapts to your business and your customers.

The criteria of choice to find the best software

With the large number of software on the market, it is often difficult to make a choice. We recommend basing your search on software compatibility . For the proper functioning of your business, it is possible that you use several applications. It can be a commercial management tool or an inventory management tool . The ergonomics of the software is a point to analyze. You need easy-to-use software . This is important if you are new to accounting and invoicing. It must be intuitive and functional.

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